Cisco Stadium Vision at T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas

Cisco Live US 2016 was held in Las Vegas this year which meant the Customer Appreciation Event was held in the brand new T-Mobile Arena. This arena has Cisco Stadium Vision which basically means it’s tricked out with Cisco-powered digital signs and TVs and of course, pervasive Wi-Fi.

At first I couldn’t spot any of the APs or antennas! But then I realized they were carefully installed so as to blend into building.

First up is what I’m assuming is a 3702e with some sort of panel antenna. I’m horrible at identifying antennas so that’s as close as I can get to an ID. This was way up in the rafters and I only saw it after going all the way up to the lounge on the 5th level.

Cisco 3702e + panel antenna at T-Mobile Arena

When I was down on the mezzanine level, I again couldn’t easily spot any APs but then I noticed that these boxes–which looked kind of like speakers in the dim lighting–had little LEDs on inside them; some boxes had a blue LED, some a green. I realized those are the lights on the APs and the front of the “speaker” was actually another panel antenna.

AP + antenna housing at T-Mobile Arena

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