Cisco Live 2016

The folks that organize and run the network at Cisco Live do an awesome job of making sure there’s Wi-Fi throughout the entire conference location. They also do not skimp out on the number of APs they deploy.

It only happened one time where I was in a room that didn’t have an AP (but there was an AP right outside the door). Every other room had at least one AP. In the larger rooms, there were multiple APs.

Cisco Live US 2016 In-room APs

I believe this room had 10 APs: 5 along each wall (of which 4 are in the picture and 1 is behind me). The APs are not placed haphazardly either. They are carefully placed and the antennas are carefully angled as appropriate as well (notice how the antenna at the front of the room is angled downwards more than the others).

Even outside the breakout rooms, the hallways are lined with APs. Again, everything carefully positioned and aimed.

Cisco Live US 2016 APs in Hallways

I asked Jason Davis (@SNMPguy) who works the Cisco Live NOC how many APs they had deployed at the conference:

That’s slightly more APs than my largest customer has in their whole environment! 😵

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