Outdoor Meraki at Golden Spike Casino

The Golden Spike Casino in Las Vegas has a cool outdoor area with lots of games. They’re covering the area with Wi-Fi via Meraki MR66s.

Meraki MR66s at Golden Spike Casino, Las Vegas

Meraki MR66 at Golden Spike Casino, Las Vegas

What’s interesting is the way they’ve mounted these APs on the pole. There’s three of them mounted around the pole in a way that appears they want to use them almost like sector antennas. I imagine the metal pole sitting behind each AP doesn’t help the RF. Hopefully they’re allowing the Meraki cloud to do automatic channel assignment. 😊

Up on the wall there’s another MR66 (I’m quite certain it’s not an MR62 which only has two antennas).

Meraki MR66 at Golden Spike Casino, Las Vegas

The question I had here was: did they remove two of the antennas for RF reasons (doubtful) or because they mounted it too close to the panel antenna right above? ? Or worse, is the panel antenna plumbed into the AP?? I could’t tell in the dark.

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