Cisco Industrial Wireless 3702 at YYC

Usually you’d expect to find an industrial, IP67-rated access point such as the Cisco IW3702 in a harsh location such as in a manufacturing plant, on mining equipment, or mounted on a pole somewhere outside.

But this unit is located at Calgary International Airport (YYC) in the “A” wing of the Domestic Terminal Building. Specifically, it’s in the long, ground-level hall where passengers board the small, regional WestJet planes.

Cisco IW3702 at YYC in 'A' Hall

These pictures are actually taken from inside the hall; the AP is hanging inside where it’s protected from direct exposure to the elements and the antennas are hanging on the other side of the wall providing WiFi coverage to the apron.

Cisco IW3702 at YYC in 'A' Hall

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