Two Seasons One Router

It’s really snowy in parts of British Columbia, Canada right now. The trees are covered in a brilliant blanket of white snow. And so are the Cisco industrial WiFi routers that dot this part of the province :-)

This particular router is one that I drive past a few times a year in different seasons. Right now it’s -20C (-4F) and there’s snow everywhere.

(That big pole on the back side of the router is just a mounting pole, not an antenna)

And a couple years ago when I stopped the take a picture it was August and could easily have been 30C (86F).

This kit is a Cisco 1240 Connected Grid Router. It looks like an outdoor access point, but it’s actually a full router in an IP67 rated enclosure that supports WiFi and cellular connectivity.

It’s cool to see this equipment operating in both extremes.

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