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July 17 2017 / / Outdoor
Jekyll Islandsits on the US east coast in the state of Georgia and has a few beaches that face the Pacific Ocean. On one such beach the hotel/resort had installed Wi-Fi.Update Jan 5 2018: Oops. One of my travel mates pointed out that this was actually at a resort in Panama City Beach, Florida. I got my locations mixed up. I don’t recognize the equipment, but a good use of outdoor APs given the exposure to sand and water.
June 16 2017 / / Indoor
A colleague of mine, @smoore_bits, was on a trip to the Hoover Dam and spotted something odd on the tour inside the dam: an antenna! Neither of us is sure if it’s Wi-Fi or something else, but regardless, looks like it’s been there for some time. Antenna inside Hoover Dam
March 19 2016 / / Outdoor
When I was in Banff recently, I saw this AP at a construction site. The odd thing is I don't recognize it and can't find it on meraki.com. Any ideas?