Cisco NERV

NERV is the Network Emergency Response Vehicle and is an asset used by Cisco’s Tactical Operations (TACOPS) team when they respond to emergencies.

The Network Emergency Response Vehicle

The vehicle based in California (there are two in the US, one in San Jose, CA and one in Raleigh, NC) toured through western Canada in 2015. Among its extensive communications capabilities is, of course, Wi-Fi.

1552E and PTZ camera on the mast

You can see here the outdoor AP (Cisco 1552E) and PTZ camera up on the mast.

There’s a Cisco 1572E and what looks like maybe a 3600 (you can just see the corner of it) hung inside the vehicle that can be used for spares or additional coverage.

Extra APs inside the NERV

And lastly here’s a close up of the 1552E on the mast when the mast is retracted.

Cisco 1552E on top of the NERV mast

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