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March 16 2016 / / Outdoor
Cisco TACOPS has the NERV but also has some light duty vehicles that can supplement the NERV or be dispatched on their own. I took these photos of the vehicles parked on the Cisco campus in RTP, NC. Here’s a 1552E outdoor AP on the SUV. Cisco TACOPS SUV 1552E on TACOPS SUV In addition to the SUV, there’s a communications trailer which mimics the capabilities of the NERV, including the mast with the 1552E on it.
March 15 2016 / / Outdoor
NERV is the Network Emergency Response Vehicle and is an asset used by Cisco’s Tactical Operations (TACOPS) team when they respond to emergencies. The Network Emergency Response Vehicle The vehicle based in California (there are two in the US, one in San Jose, CA and one in Raleigh, NC) toured through western Canada in 2015. Among its extensive communications capabilities is, of course, Wi-Fi. 1552E and PTZ camera on the mast