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April 21 2017 / / Indoor
I was recently in Edmonton for work and made a point of going with a colleague (hi SK!) to the brand new Rogers Place stadium to catch an NHL game. This stadium is fully teched out with digital signage, a high capacity, robust IP backbone, and of course, serious Wi-Fi coverage. The stadium offers free Wi-Fi to event attendees and also uses the network for their own services and applications.
June 5 2016 / / Indoor
From an anonymous contributor at an anonymous location: a “creative installation” in a warehouse: Anonymous And yes, I believe that is the permanent mounting position.
May 13 2016 / / Indoor
Sneaky rogue! “Did you install an unauthorized access point in the office?” “Uhmm… no? What antenna? Idon;tknowwhatyou’retalkingabout”
March 23 2016 / / Indoor