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September 13 2016 / / Outdoor
How horrible would camping be without WiFi?? 😜 There are a few APs scattered around the campground at Fairmont Hotsprings in British Columbia, Canada. First are some Ubiquity units which I assume are owned by the campground since they are mounted on campground buildings and poles. UBNT at Fairmont Hotsprings UBNT at Fairmont Hotsprings Box at bottom of pole Next, Shaw Cable has deployed Cisco 1552C outdoor APs with an integrated cable modem to cover the campground with their Shaw Go WiFi.
July 22 2016 / / Outdoor
Back in June, I was in the RTP area for work and took the opportunity to do some site seeing over the weekend. It’s funny, I’ve become totally spoiled at home with the ubiquity of service provider Wi-Fi that when I travel in the US, I’m usually reminded that this type of access is not as ubiquitous everywhere. In the regular places I visit in San Jose, CA and in RTP, I’ve yet to see the physical signs of SP Wi-Fi.
April 5 2016 / / Outdoor
Shaw is installing Cisco 1552 outdoor APs at some of the Calgary Transit stations to increase their WiFi hotspot footprint. The latest I’ve noticed is at the Center Street station. Three APs total at this station so there should be no excuses for a bad signal. 😜
March 30 2016 / / Indoor / Outdoor
Courtesy of the folks at NOBLE WiFi, here are some pics of their Ubiquity installation at the Cliff Hotel and Spa in Negril. Ubiquity at Cliff Hotel and Spa in Negril, JA Ubiquity at Cliff Hotel and Spa in Negril, JA Ubiquity at Cliff Hotel and Spa in Negril, JA NOBLE provides WiFi to the hotel’s guests, both inside the hotel (common spaces and rooms) and the outside area (like the pool, as shown above).
March 26 2016 / / Outdoor
Shaw Cable runs a massive Wi-Fi network in Canada that provides hotspot service in every (?) market that Shaw has a presence. Cranbrook, BC is one of those markets and I could not believe how many APs Shaw has hanging on poles there. All up and down the main street you can see the Cisco 1552s hanging on the messenger wire between poles. Cisco 1552 broadcasting Shaw hotspot This AP is hanging on the edge of the Safeway parking lot.
March 19 2016 / / Indoor
I was in a concert hall yesterday and spied two APs in the ceiling, practically on top of each other. On the left is an Aruba AP from TELUS (their TELUS Direct WiFi) and on the right is a Cisco AP from Shaw (their ShawOpen WiFi). Anyone want to bet they totally worked together to avoid co-channel interference? 🙄